60th Wedding Anniversary & Family Reunion

Story posted: 27. August 2013 by Website Administrator

This pass weekend i had the honor to meet a most lovely couple who have been together for 60th years. Mr. & Mrs Ted Espejo there very close family got together to honor there love of family and friends. The dance and ate great food and spoke of how this lovely couple has been the rock of there family.

I saw and heard from familys  from New York, Canada & Hawiia this sure told me that Mr. & Mrs Ted Espejo are love people. People spoke of the kindness and there goodness in giving to help and how they are always there if you need to speak.

It was a great job, and people for whom I was working for made me feel welcome and in everyway.   This is the kind or job every photographer want to do. Because when you leave you know that there are indeed some great people in this place called USA.

I said good night and left this young at heart couple on the dance floor doing the electric slid with there Grand-Grandchildren you can only hope in your life time to withness  sometime so wonderful with such nice people.

Good Night Mr. & Mrs. Ted Espejo and family.

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The Chair in the Window

Story posted: 22. August 2013 by Website Administrator

The Chair

From this place that I'm staying I can see this chair and cars passing all day if I look down the hill I'll see the Pacific Ocean and its great.

I'm glad to have this space but I'm ready to go and get my own place is has been okay for a week but I have no desire to stay much longer I want my own things around me and maybe to see the news and So You Think You Can Dance I don't want much but I want more than this place has to offer.

There is something about this place that remind me of my childhood and I don't like it not so great so I'm ready to hit it and get out.

When the wind blows up here on this hill my computer run slow it almost like Oakland but there no TV whats up with that get me off this hill NOW!



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Robert P Ho D.D.S

Story posted: 21. August 2013 by Website Administrator

I guess it safe to say that most people don't like to go to the denist. But for me it not that way my dentist is great and treat me like a real person.

Now I had another dentist for a very long time and she was always selling something or telling you that you needed to buy something to push that bill up.

Well she gone and I now have Dr. Robert Ho who is one of the best in San Francisco, CA low key and he also teachs at UCSF so you know that he is the cream of the cream. Really you can't get any better you can find his photo on my site see if you can pick him out.  Then if you every are in need of a great dentist look him up you will be happy for sure. With no pain

So this was my first week back on SF side of the bay after two years in Oakland I can't tell you how happy I'm am to be back.


More to come next week I hope to move soon to my new place but I  need to find it soon.  Thanks for reading and  come back soon.

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Gone Away

Story posted: 19. August 2013 by Website Administrator

I'm hopping that this move will be  good one thing for sure I do feel good about leaving the East Bay. This was my first weekend back at home it feels right to me I only need a place to live now. Then everything will be great i'm looking but nothing until Wednesday then I'll try to break out of this place in the fog.

The sun came out this morning but they are saying it might rain tomorrow I just can't see myself in this place in the rain so I got to get out fast I mean like with in the next two week I'm ready.

This will be my first week in two years without seeing my friend EE and I will admit I very sad about that because he was the one person who understood my feeling about getting out of Oakville without being to madd.

Well I miss my bed, first day in this place I lay down in that bad and I said omg it like sleeping in pudding to  soft so bad I woke up and felt like i had aged 20 years I'm on small sofar now and I'm happy.

I only need out of here and then everything will be great.


Keep an eye out and I will let you know how its going in the fog.

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